Funding Your Wedding, 14 February 2016

Wedding Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

wedding weight loss

What if shaving the pounds could also earn you a few extra pounds? Hold on now, that’s either a really complicated riddle or we’re about to tell you something enlightening right? It’s definitely the latter! Here’s how you can achieve your wedding weight loss whilst also topping up your wedding fund.

Here at Fund Your Wedding, we’re always looking for ways to kill more than one bird with a single stone. We all know that most brides, regardless of how amazing you already look in your stunning wedding gown, will hit the gym weeks before your wedding to feel that extra little bit special. Well, gym memberships can rob your wedding fund of those desperately needed notes so how about we look at a few ways to tighten up the tummy and earn a little too? Sounds good right?

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Why not try dog walking?

For a few hours a day, you could earn a neat £20-£30 just for going for a walk. If you love animals, enjoy walking and the outdoors. This is definitely the one for you! Simply create a few free adverts and pop them up in your local vets, doctors surgeries, churches, post offices, online freeads and social media. Before long you’ll be shedding the pounds and earning a few too.

If animals aren’t your thing, is there something else you could use to your advantage?

Perhaps you’re a keen gardener? Whatever your talent, get a few fliers together and drop them in and around your local area. Most people would appreciate a hand with planting, weeding, pruning, the odd lawn being done and bingo … You’re earning and burning!

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Why spend an hour in the gym losing money when you can spend an hour doing the things above and earn money?

It’s a no brainer and sure to get you looking amazing for your big day.

For more ways to earn money, check out our blog on being money savvy by clicking here.

If you have any wedding weight loss tips, please comment below!

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