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Shall I Book A Wedding Photographer?

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Whether you opt for a wedding photographer or not, your wedding guests will be capturing your wedding day on their own personal phones and cameras which begs the question, is a wedding photographer really necessary when it comes to your wedding planning?

Here at FYW, we believe a wedding photographer is a must have!

They’ll have all the right equipment and will know all the tips and tricks to capture the most wonderful images. However, you need to ask yourself is this a necessity for you personally? Perhaps it’s more important for you that your wedding guests are entertained and or well fed. If capturing your big day on personal phones instead of a professional camera is something you’re willing to compromise on, you could stand to save a whopping £2,500!!

Yes, that’s right! You could save a whopping £2,500!

You could create signs asking your friends and family to tag you in the photos as soon as the day is over. That way, you don’t risk losing them. They may even take videos which you can ask a professional videographer to put together once you’ve tied the knot. You’ll cut the costs of having someone attend your day in full but you’ll have the expertise at the end so that you have a professional video to look back on. You could even create lists of what you want your guests to capture so that nothing is missed.

So, you’re not willing to compromise on the photographer?

To be honest, we don’t blame you! Why not ask them if they’ll throw in an engagement shoot for free or whether they can offer you a discount for a weekday wedding? After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get and when it comes to your wedding planning, every little helps!

Why You Need To Book A Videographer

You can view our list of very talented wedding vendors here.

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