What should a prenuptial agreement include?

Firstly, you’ll each need to disclose all your assets and then include how you will divide things up fairly. Your solicitor will make sure it is as fair as possible because any agreement that is deemed to be unfair can be overhauled by a judge.


Make sure you seek advice from two separate, fully qualified, family law solicitors. Firstly, to make sure your prenuptial agreements comply with the law but also to avoid claims that either party was pressurized into signing an agreement against their will. Yourself along with your solicitor should ensure the prenup is signed at least 21 days before the marriage to avoid the other party ever claiming it was done in a rush and that they were under pressure to sign it.

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What next?

Once your prenuptial agreement is agreed and signed to signify you are both happy with the prenup, we hope that you’ll tie the knot and never give it a second thought but at least you have the reassurance that a prenup is there should you ever need it.

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