Picnic In The Park Wedding Receptions

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If you’re looking at ways to cut back on the wedding catering, opting for alternative themed wedding receptions is the perfect alternative! Not only will you save a fortune, your wedding guests (children and adults alike!) will have a fabulous time.

So, you want to know how to pull this off?

Fill hamper baskets with fancy sandwiches, macaroons, prosecco flavoured crisps (Yes, there is such a thing!) and other edible treats your guests will love. Include bottles of champagne and other alcoholic beverages your guests can enjoy. Make sure there is adequate seating for older guests and plenty of blankets on hand as even the hottest of summer days can turn cold once the sun goes down. If obtaining seating proves to be a challenge, see if you can borrow haybales from a local farmer and return them once the day is done. This style of seating would add rustic charm to your picnic and would also enhance your wedding photos. If you’re worried about your guests getting hungry as the day turns to evening, you could always put on a BBQ which I’m sure they would appreciate!

A Wedding Ceremony In The Mountains

When it comes to British weather, the sun is never guaranteed so make sure you have somewhere to shelter if the worse comes to worst! If you’re having your picnic in a garden then that shouldn’t be a problem but if you’re hosting it in a park,it might be worth hiring a marquee just in case the heavens decide to open! If a marquee proves too expensive, perhaps opt for bell tents or tipi’s. This is sure to add charm to your wedding reception and the kids will love them as they make for great hideouts! Also, a great way of keeping the children out of the sun.

So, I guess the question is … Would you be brave enough to host a picnic in the park themed wedding reception?

Leave your comments below if you’ve heard of other alternative wedding receptions?

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