Funding Your Wedding, 02 February 2016

Paying For A Wedding

paying for a wedding

Okay, so you may not think that a boot sale is going to bring you more than a few pennies for old tat but have a little faith. It’s not all boggy fields, pouring rain and a pocket half filled with pennies. Paying for a wedding couldn’t be easier if you inject a little creativity and a dash of enthusiasm. With some added extras, you’ve got an earner that will have you counting the notes instead.

Where Did Our Inspiration Come From?

I recently sat down racking my brains for the next earner that was going to top up the wedding fund. Then it hit me … A boot sale! One problem, I’m not a hoarder, my attic is much like the bedroom, minimalist, spotless and absolutely no junk! So what did I do?

I beckoned the family and friends!

I made a few calls with the help of my Fiance, plastered Facebook and other social media platforms with begging notices and rummaged the sheds and attics of everyone who needed a clear out.

The message went something like this:

‘Dear friends, family, distant relatives and anyone else willing to help. We’re after your junk (one mans junk is another mans treasure and all that.) We’ll collect for free and promise not to judge your tat.

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The response we had was actually pretty impressive.

We spent the remainder of the week driving around, collecting unwanted items and having things dropped off. We sorted nothing and simply laid out all our humble gatherings on a rickety old table at the rear of my partners punto and hoped that we’d get one or two punters willing to buy. The addition of a homemade sign on the front of some roughly cut cardboard seemed to bring the buyers in their droves. Whether it was genuine interest or pity, we sold the lot! £250 for a day’s work isn’t bad and that covered the cost of the registrar!

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Weddings can cost A LOT of money (although looking through this blog, you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be the case.) That’s when most people start researching ways of saving money but instead of trying to spend less, why not concentrate on raising more! It’s really true what they say – One persons junk really is someone else’s treasure!

If you got other ideas for paying for a wedding, please comment below!

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