Funding Your Wedding, 26 September 2018

Last Minute Weddings

If the fellas on ‘Don’t tell the bride’ can plan a wedding in  three weeks and with no assistance from the bride then surely, organising a last minute wedding must be within reach for our budding readers who really want to save money on their big day.

Fortunately, a last minute wedding by usual standards is at least a few months away and the savings can be considerable.

Generally, wedding venues need all their dates booked if they’re to make the very most of the wedding season and to end up profitable. An unbooked date could end up being a costly day for the venue if it isn’t snapped up. That represents a great opportunity to get amazing venues at cut price costs!

Savings of 30% – 70% are not unheard of and that’s a massive saving, not to mention a great way to get an even more desirable venue whilst still meeting the demands of your budget.

I’m sure your first thought might be, I don’t have time to plan a last minute wedding. Remember that even whilst waiting for your deal to pop up, you can pretty much guarantee the season and the year. For example, it’s highly likely you will find a deal in the year you are looking to get married. You may not be able to hand out save the dates just yet or organise who’s sitting where but you can still purchase the dress, flowers, cars, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits etc. All this could be planned six months to a year before. The only thing that would be last minute is securing the venue and catering and of course, informing your guests. That said, a month or two’s notice should be plenty of time to secure your guest list and sort your catering out!

We’ve managed to find venues all over the country looking to fill 2018/19 dates and who are prepared to slash their prices to do so. The moral of the story ladies? If you’ve got nerves that can handle last minute organisation of the venue, a touch of patience and a willingness to compromise slightly on where you get married, then this tactic really could save you a fortune … So what are you waiting for, get hunting for those last minute deals!

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