How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts

How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts

Nowadays, it’s quite common place that couples live together prior to getting married so it’s unlikely that you’re in need of a toaster, a kettle or a cutlery set. You may be thinking cash would be better received but is it rude to ask for cash? The answer … Definitely not. Here, we’ll tell you how to ask for money instead of gifts.

The reality is, some elements of a wedding can be expensive and if there’s nothing you’re in need of, your family and friends will be happy to help you out … After all, who wants to spend the first years of their married life climbing out of debt, right?

The first thing would be to tell your wedding guests what the money will be spent on. Not because your guests are nosy but more importantly, because they’d like to share in the excitement of your post wedding plans.

A lot of people choose to incorporate a subtle hint in their invitations by using a poem or a rhyme. This way, it’s asked for in jest and those attending your wedding don’t feel under pressure to hand over cash but understand that it would be greatly received.

How To Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts Through A Rhyme:

Rhyme 1:

We know its not tradition and it’s not the way its done

But instead of a wedding list, we’d prefer a bit of sun.

We’ve lived together quite a while, and all the bills are paid

We’ve got our pots and pans and our plans have all been made

We would appreciate your help though to send us on our way

A contribution to our honeymoon in a land far far away

But please don’t feel you need to, we’re just happy you’re our guest

Just share in the excitement and you’ll be the very best!

Rhyme 2:

We really hope that you can join us on our special day

You’ll make our memories complete in every single way

We do not have a gift list and we know you’ll understand

Our house and contents are complete with pots and plates and pans

But should you really want to give and celebrate this way

A gift of money would be lovely for a rainy day!

Rhyme 3:

Now we are to be MR and MRS,

Instead of kettles, toasters and dishes,

We need a home for which we would like to save,

So rather than give us a microwave,

If you would like to give us a gift,

A cheque or a voucher would give us a lift

We call it our ‘wishing well’

Money would be much appreciated, as you can tell.

If you’re more the creative type, why not try putting your pen to paper and coming up with a rhyme that’s unique and personal to you or if you’re lucky enough to have everything you need and are not in need of cash, why not choose a charity that’s personal to you and ask that instead of receiving wedding gifts, your guests give a small amount to charity. I’m sure your guests would love feeling like they’ve helped make a difference on your big day!

So there you have it, a number of fabulous ways to ask for money without sounding rude. So what’re you waiting for, you’ll have your honeymoon paid off in no time!

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So now you know how to ask for money instead of cash gifts, we want to wish you luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

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