How To Afford A Honeymoon 

How To Afford A Honeymoon

Imagine going on a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa, taking part in a safari adventure before cage diving with great white sharks and crossing off a dream that you’ve spent years thinking about. Perhaps you’d like a more relaxing honeymoon spent sprawled on a lounger overlooking the most beautiful sunset finished off by a shark feeding lagoon tour in Mo’orea, French Polynesia. Now, imagine you could achieve this without spending a penny. That’s right, we’re going to show you how to afford a honeymoon following your dream wedding.

How To Afford Your Honeymoon

Well, instead of asking for bed sheets, why not have the first night of your stay in a luxury hotel completely paid for. You’ll be pleased to know that you can do just that with Buy Our Honeymoon. The wedding list you create on Buy Our Honeymoon is personal to you so you can create a list from tiny meaningful treats, all the way up to once in a lifetime luxuries. 

Buy Our Honeymoon is a genius website that is designed to help you politely ask your guests for contributions towards your honeymoon. What’s more, your guests will feel like they’re a part of your honeymoon plans and will be just as excited help you achieve your dreams. 

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About Buy Our Honeymoon 

Buy Our Honeymoon was created by Shelley & Andrew Green to use as their own gift list when they got married on Saturday 30th July 2005 at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich, London. What followed was a 3,000 mile road trip around the USA. What made their experience even more special is that their guests bought it for them. From the jazz cruise given to them by Uncle Martin, to the parasailing from their Usher Neil, each memory of their honeymoon was created by someone they love.

It all started a few months previously when they were going to build a list at their local department store but their hearts just weren’t in it. They’d been together for such a long time that they already had everything they wanted. Whatever they put on their list felt forced and perfunctory. Then they heard about travel companies that allowed you to have your list at their store but that just didn’t inspire them. They knew their family and friends wouldn’t want to just contribute to a pot, they’d want to give them something special that they’d always remember.

The Honeymoon Outfit That Will Bag You Free Upgrades!

Given that Andrew is a web developer by trade, it wasn’t a massive leap to think of putting together their own list online so that everyone could buy them a unique part of their travels and that’s how Buy Our Honeymoon was born.

So if you’d like to have a once in a lifetime, all expenses paid trip, get in touch with them today.

Now you know how to afford a honeymoon, grab your honeymoon checklist here.

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