Funding Your Wedding, 15 March 2016

How To Make DIY Wedding Invitations


To some people, the thought of making your own DIY wedding invitations is a scary one to say the least. There’s the thought of hand crafting 50 – 250 invitations depending on how small or large your guest list is but this needn’t be the case as we have recently discovered …

Ever Heard Of A Microsoft Word Document?

Most of us will have before and a lot of you will presume that an invitation made on a word document is unlikely to wow your guests but bear with me!

We have recently created a beautiful invitation using just that!

DIY Wedding Confetti Cones

When printed to quality paper, these look so elegant and would suit almost any wedding theme! All you need to do is copy this to a word document, edit the details, print and you’re away to go! Inviting guests to your big day couldn’t be any easier.

This is how we did it …

We opened a up a word document. We messed around with all different fonts and sizes to see what worked well together and what didn’t and we played around with the size and colour of random text to make certain bits pop off the page. To create the columns, we went to Insert (along the top) then across to ‘Text Box’ and inserted two text boxes to hold the bulk of our message.


Easy And Affordable DIY Wedding Favours

So there you have it, very simple, easy to make, DIY wedding invitations. There are so many other fonts, colours and layouts to choose from, the list really is endless! So get back to basics, put your thinking caps on, don’t over complicate things and print until your hearts content. These are a sure fire way to impress your guests.

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

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