Funding Your Wedding, 18 February 2019

Avoid Unexpected Wedding Costs

unexpected wedding costs

When it comes to planning, you should decide what is important to you. Then you want to go through your list and decide what is absolutely necessary and what isn’t. Avoiding unexpected wedding costs is a sure fire way to help you save some cash and stick to your budget.

A Rolls Royce might sound appealing but if your venue is down the road from your house,you don’t need transport at all. This could save you approximately £500! Choosing a venue that’s closer to home will save you money on accommodation too so it’s a win win !

10 Hidden Costs To Be Aware Of

Book An Out Of Date Season

This immediately avoids the unnecessary additional cost for the same venue. If a winter wedding excites you, this is certainly an option for you.

6 Ways To Finance Your Wedding

Look At Combinations

Instead of providing wedding entertainment plus wedding favours, why not combine the two by providing entertaining wedding favours such as sparklers or bubbles for the children.

Be Prepared

Be prepared when it comes to the mini bar and stock up on alcohol and snacks to see you through the night before your wedding without being landed with a hefty hotel bill.

If you and your partner aren’t massive drinkers, save on the drinks package by providing a small amount of alcohol in glass dispensers and once that’s gone, make sure your venue has a bar where your guests can pay for their own drinks.

Party In The Garden

Try not to get too carried away with the whole venue malarky. Instead put up a marquee at home and opt for celebrating in the garden in a place where you already have some amazing memories.

A Picnic In The Park Wedding Reception

This is just food for thought but really have a think about what’s necessary and who knows, you might save yourself a small fortune! If you have any ideas on how to avoid unexpected wedding costs, please leave your comments below.

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