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Avoid Unexpected Wedding Bills

Unexpected wedding bills

You’ve set your wedding budget and managed to stick to it but then … Out of nowhere, you land a bill that’s way more than you anticipated. Why is that? Well, many vendors will give you their price excluding VAT. It’s important you ask the right questions when booking your chosen vendors. Here, we show you how to avoid any unexpected wedding bills.

Question #1

Does the price include VAT?

 Question #2

How much is corkage? 

If you’re planning to supply your own alcohol to save some cash, make sure you fully understand the corkage charges (if any) Some vendors charge a corkage fee per bottle which could add up to be very pricey depending on how many guests you have.

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Question #3

Is there a hire charge for the marquee? 

So, you’ve found the wedding venue of your dreams complete with a gorgeous marquee in case it rains. You’ve assumed it’s included in the venue hire fee only to later find out that it’s an additional £2,000 to hire the additional space.

Question #4

Is there a charge for cutlery, glasses and linen? 

So, you’ve viewed your chosen wedding venue, fully dressed in preparation for a wedding. You’ve paid the deposit and are expecting it to be set up the exact way you’ve seen it before only to find out that there is an additional charge for use of the tables, chairs and crockery.

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Question #5

Will we get exclusive use? 

This is an important question and something you need to know. You’d be disappointed if you expected an intimate reception and turned up to your wedding to find a load of random strangers watching you as you walk down the aisle. If an exclusive venue is what you’re after, make sure you ensure that’s the case when booking your venue.

Question #6

Do you have accommodation?

If you’re getting married at a hotel, chances are they can cut you a deal on their room rates for all your wedding guests to stay the night. Even if you think there’s no accommodation on site, make sure you ask because some venues will have tipi’s or glamping nearby or at the very least, they’ll be able to point you in the direction of the nearest hotels.

If you’ve experienced any unexpected wedding bills, comment below!

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