Funding Your Wedding, 25 February 2019

A Wedding Trend That’ll Save You Money

save money on your wedding

With wedding costs being at an all time high, you’ll be pleased to hear we have a wedding trend that’ll save you money!

Drumroll please …

We’re talking about the ‘less is more’ trend that is taking Pinterest by storm! This year, we’re seeing a new generation of brides keeping their weddings intimate and only for their nearest and dearest. This see’s guest lists being cut by almost double and therefore the overall wedding costs too!! Many brides are asking between one and three of their girlfriends to be bridesmaids. That’s a lot less than the usual four to six. This is saving brides hundreds of pounds in hair, make up and accessory costs. Some are even opting to have no bridesmaids at all!

How To Cut Wedding Reception Costs

With modern weddings bursting with originality, people are saying goodbye to old traditions. They’re doing away with the likes of wedding favours and traditional wedding dresses. In return, they are having unconventional dresses that are personal to the individual. An intimate wedding doesn’t have to lack pizazz, it can be just as stunning but with more of the things that matter most to you, intimacy being one of them!

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