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Unique Wedding Accessories You’ll Love

unique wedding accessories

So you’ve got the wedding dress, you’ve got the veil to match, now it’s time to think about the accessories. Wedding accessories go much further than the typical earrings and matching bracelet. There are so many beautiful things to choose from and the best thing? You can achieve these unique wedding accessories whilst on a budget. Choose a simple dress that’s within your budget and then dress it with a stunning and detailed bolero to give you that beautiful vintage finish. Bolero’s are generally a lot cheaper than a wedding dress and doing it this way is bound to save you a fortune!

lace wedding accessories

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Unique Wedding Accessories

These simple sleeves add another dimension of beauty to your overall finished look and are only £16 from Etsy. They make for great photos as you exchange rings at the alter.

This Years Bridal Trends

Aside from diamonds, shoes really are another girls best friend but you want to make sure you get them right. The last thing you want is to be in pain on your wedding day so if you choose high heels, why not prepare yourself with some gel pads to provide that extra bit of comfort. Remember, whatever the shoes, whether they are flat, high or wedged, make sure you wear them around the house prior to wearing them on the big day to break them in.

Wedding Shoes

unique wedding shoes

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Are you having a beach wedding? Have you thought about what you’ll wear on your feet? Are flip flops your only option? … Don’t fear, you could opt for these stunning lace accessories from Barmine on Etsy that will be sure to add that wow factor.

How To Make A Profit on Your Wedding Dress

If you’ve opted for a simple wedding dress and want to add a bit of sparkle. A belt is definitely the way to go. This belt on Etsy is definitely one of our favourites!

Wedding Jewelry

unique wedding belt

If your wedding dress is draped in detail but you still want more, this statement bracelet from Etsy will definitely give you what you’re looking for.

For those of you who want something a bit more quirky, why not have a parasol as your ultimate wedding accessory. These are an awesome prop for wedding photos and you can really play around with them to capture some amazing shots.

For those brides who have opted for a backless dress, why not add that extra bit of sparkle by adding a long necklace that sits effortlessly on your back like this one from Etsy. We can’t believe how simple and yet so effective this is.

wedding jewelry

The wedding garter dates back to old tradition and it truly is a must have! Why not incorporate your ‘something blue’ into your wedding garter like this one available on Etsy.

And of course, what outfit is complete without a stunning pair of earrings. Those earrings must be expensive though, right? … Wrong! We found these stunning bridal earrings on Etsy for just £28!! It’s a steal.

So there you have it, unique wedding accessories that are sure to impress!! Remember this is your big day so don’t be afraid to go as glamorous as you want although sometimes less is more and most of all, remember, you can accessorize to your hearts content whilst sticking to a budget.

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