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Mix and Match Bridesmaids Outfits.

You may have already found this out the hard way but it is an arduous task trying to please everyone, especially when it comes to choosing the right bridesmaids dresses! The thing is each individual has their own unique style and taste and what may look nice on one person, may not necessarily look nice on the other so finding one dress to fit all is a huge challenge. Rather than choosing one dress to fit all, why not involve your bridesmaids in your decision making, after all, a group of happy bridemaids are going to be far more important than the dress itself when it comes to your wedding day … Trust me! You can get a clearer understanding of what they like, what they don’t like and above all else, you can have loads of fun choosing different outfits, colours and styles together which in turn will create lots of lovely memories which you can look back on for years to come. By choosing the dresses this way, you’re allowing your bridesmaids to put their own unique spin on things which will make for lovely photo opportunities. Today, I’ve compiled a list of mis-matched outfits which I found from one of the largest UK online retailers (Asos.com) to help give you some wedding inspiration.

1. Here at Fund Your Wedding, we love the colour of these mismatched dresses. The colours work well with each individual’s skin tone and the different syles look amazing when put together.

2. These vibrant, colourful dresses would work well with most colour schemes and will really make your bridesmaids stand out from the crowd.

3. These dresses are so similar, yet so different all at the same time! These dresses would flatter a variety of different body shapes.

4. Why not opt for a variety of colours that work well together in a variety of styles. We think that these dresses would make for perfect photo opportunities.

5. Or why not opt for the same dress in a variety of colours that flatter each individuals skin tone bringing out their best features. 

6. We love these neutral dresses with the pop of colour from the flowers. These would also work really well with any colour scheme. 

So, hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought and inspired you to get your thinking caps on, together with your bridesmaids, so that you can come up with a selection of dresses that flatter each figure, compliment each skin tone and accentuate each person’s individual features. Your bridesmaids will thank you for allowing them to be a part of the decision making and in turn, you’ll have a truly memorable day. Like us on Facebook for even more wedding inspiration.

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