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Choosing Classic Wedding Dresses

classic wedding dresses

of Recently, I spent over THREE hours trying on ONE beautiful white flowing wedding dress. Admittedly, the owner of the shop could talk the hind legs off a donkey which may explain why we were there so long but nevertheless, this couldn’t be people’s idea of fun! I looked in the mirror and I must admit that I felt like ‘the beautiful bride’ in the classic wedding dresses but what looked like a simple tight fitting dress on the hanger, ended up having so many layers, it was making me overheat and I couldn’t wait to get the blooming thing off! So, my point is ….

Do you really want to spend over £2,000 on a classic wedding dress that you’re only ever going to wear once?

It will hang in your wardrobe (if it’s one of the lucky ones) and gather dust until it goes out of fashion and you eventually summon the strength to give it away.

With the average cost of a wedding being £10,000, do you want to spend 20% of that on a huge complicated gown, you know is going to cause more hassle than it’s worth?

For some, the answer is yes and I can understand why. After all, your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you want to feel like a princess. Rightly so! But if you’re like me and are all for comfort, why not think outside the box and choose a dress that is excellent value for money.

Make A Profit On Your Wedding Dress

The dress I’ve chosen is not a “wedding” dress but it has ivory lace all over it with beautiful diamantés. It is designed by Sherri Hill and it falls to the knee. It’s got built in underwear which is always handy on your wedding night! What’s more, it can be worn time and time again. The dress is timeless and it only cost me £550!! It was well worth it because when I wear it, I feel like a million!

I don’t have to worry about hitching my dress up in order to walk because of the metre long train. My mum won’t need to arrange the layers so that it sits right. She won’t have to do up a hundred buttons or lace me up so tightly I can’t breathe! … I’ll simply slip into my dress and enjoy a few champagnes with my family on the wedding morning.

My dress is a dress I’ll wear to my wedding at a fraction of the cost.

Top Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

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