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Bridal Trends For 2019

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The Bridal Fashion Show 2018 has given us a sneaky peek into the brides of 2019 and the designers vision to see more daring, modern brides take to the aisle in styles a little less traditional. There’s no doubt that the fashion gurus of the bridal world will likely conclude from this years show that there are two rules for the bride of 2019, be a bit more daring and bare some skin. Where did the pure and modest bride go you ask? We’re leaving her in 2018 where she belongs says the industries top designers by presenting you with a number of slightly daring styles. It’s time to seriously plunge down those necklines, lower that open back dress and bear those beautiful hips. Are the designers taking a gamble? Maybe, but in our opinion, the top fashion houses are betting on the bride of 2019 jumping on board and getting involved. 

One of the key things that’s come out of this years Fashion show is that as gorgeous as the gowns have been in years gone by, the choice of styles, variety of cuts and yes, even colours, has been limited to the modest styles dictated by the occasion. This year is the year of change. Even different colours have become available to tempt you from the traditional ivory or white. So as a bride of 2019 or beyond, are you on board? Take a look at a few of these examples before you make your mind up but we’re certain you’ll love them.

1. This gorgeous dress by Monique Lhullier has the most stunning, figure hugging shape and a wonderfully daring plunging neck line. The gown has come waltzing into 2019 whilst still retaining the modesty you’d expect from a wedding gown. Who’d have thought you could have style and modesty brought together in such a stunning way.



2. This lace mermaid dress by Carolina Herrera is one of a number of examples by the designer that has style and sophistication coupled with true craftsmanship that holds true to the style codes of the house whilst challenging the traditional shapes and styles. We absolutely love this gown, complete with a detachable peplum and I’m sure you can see why.



3. This beautiful dress by Angel Sanchez also seeks to challenge the traditional style whilst retaining all the charm and innocence of the traditional gown. A stunning off the shoulder design with a lace and transparent mid section offers a feel of seduction and beauty and yet the covered neck line reigns the design back in to present a well crafted, meticulously executed wedding gown.



4. This is a beautiful take on the mermaid style dress by Marchesa. The designer hasn’t been afraid to plunge down that neck line either, in keeping with encouraging the bride of 2018 to stylishly show a little more skin and yet do it whilst retaining modesty, elegance and true beauty.



5. The designers aren’t afraid to take a little off the length too as designer Costarellos shows with this sexy and elegant short number. It has all the charm of a traditional gown and all the trends that bring the dress right into the 21st century. Gorgeous, summery, stylish and elegant, what more could you possibly ask for!



I hope we’ve given you a taste of what’s to come in 2019 and with many more styles, designs, cuts and colours out there, the choice really is endless this coming year. Dare to bare is what we say. Go short on the cut or low on the neckline, reveal those shoulders or display those bodices. Whatever you decide, have fun being a modern bride of the 21st century and embrace all that is on offer. 


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